The School

Location's Extended Classroom

The Melrose School is uniquely located off Auburndale Square. This location gives the children walking access to an extended classroom where they can learn about nature and the seasons along the Charles River, a place to fly kites and have picnics at Lyons Field, a library they can walk to story-time and pick out books that pique their interest, and a community of businesses who join together to teach the children about our wonderful community.

Teddy and mommy

Consistent Caregiver

A Melrose child will have the same responsive and loving teacher for all their preschool years. This consistency of care in a young child’s life forms lasting bonds and provides a safe and predictable environment most conducive to the child’s learning experience. Also, the child doesn’t lose any time when they “pick-back-up” in the fall or when they change classes; the teacher always knows where each child is developmentally, how to peak each child's interests, and what challenges each child has overcome throughout the years and is thus able to constantly build on that knowledge to help them flourish.

Multi-floor learning suite

Learning Kitchen

At The Melrose School, children learn in a multi-floor learning suite, complete with:

  • a working kitchen where children learn hands-on about nutrition
  • a gross motor room and flex space for bad weather days
  • an art studio where art supplies are always stocked and available for children to create at their leisure
  • center-like and homelike learning spaces that change with each learning unit
  • a nap nest where each child has their own bed or crib (not a floor mat or cot) to cuddle and recover from their busy day
flex space boat tent
Nap Nest
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