Mixed Age Lessons

Why mixed-age classrooms?

Studies have shown many benefits for children who are raised in mixed-age settings. Children taught in mixed-age classes are better prepared in social-emotional development, empathy, patience, and language. Studies have also found that..

  • In mixed-age play, older, more sophisticated children organically become role models for their younger classmates.
  • Children in mixed-aged environments offer emotional support to each other more frequently than in single-age classrooms. As a result, children in a mixed-age classroom feel better supported compared to children in traditional classrooms where all the children look to the teacher for all their support.
  • Mixed-age classrooms provide an environment where older children solidify their learning by teaching younger children.
  • In mixed-age classrooms, children have more opportunities to practice nurturing and leadership with their other less experienced friends.
  • Older children are often inspired by the imagination and creativity of their younger playmates.
  • Younger children develop quicker by being around older playmates.
  • Children can move at their own pace regardless of their age.