The Curriculum

Individualized Curriculum

The Melrose School supports learning in a language-rich environment where each child’s social, emotional, physical, intellectual, and linguistic development is nurtured towards growth. We tailor each child’s experience based on his or her strengths, needs, and interests. By keeping our ratios low and pairing your child with the same teachers for several years, The Melrose School is able to meet each child at the intersection of their interests and developmental needs. Every moment is an opportunity for your child to learn; we do not take that lightly.

Our mixed age curriculum ensures that your child is being challenged in a developmentally appropriate manner which supports both the interest, abilities, and temperament of each child irrespective of their age. This means if your child is gifted in some areas, he/she will be able to build on those skills without having to wait to grow old enough to move up to the next classroom.

A big part of what makes each child's preschool experience truly special is our dedication and commitment to each child's independent growth long-term. Every week starts with a unique plan for each child. Parents are encouraged to share in their child's journey and stay informed of their progress through our secure childcare app which shares photos, videos, messages, and schedules of the day.



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